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Goodbye to High Commissions &
Hello to 
More Profits.

Fair Play & Access to Customer Data


Small Restaurants to Big Chains.

Understand each and every customer and cater your business to your customer's needs.

Genie | Food Takeouts,Takeaway,Parcel-Low Commissions for Food Takeouts and Delivery

Low Commissions!
All year long...

2% for Takeout's and 8% for Delivery. 
This means almost 66% more money in your pocket for Each Order.

PoS software crafted for Indian Owners!

Restaurant Operations - PoS software .

Manage Inventory & Reduce End Of Day Wastage.

Efficient Operations = Increased Profits!

Genie | Food Takeouts,Takeaway,Parcel-Restaurant Operations
Genie | Food Takeouts, Takeaway, Parcel- Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Pay for either PoS or Commissions, whichever is higher. Cost effective service for your unique restaurant needs.

Live Now !! 

ZERO Takeout/Delivery Onboarding Fee for The first 1000 merchants. 

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