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Privacy Policy for Merchants

The Genie | Generic Technologies Private Limited

Updated from 05th November 2022.


“Scabbr for Organisations” is an online platform created by Scabbr that allows organization and its users to streamline the management and operations of their fleet services.

This Privacy Policy describes how your information is collected, used and shared when you use the Service.

The Service is intended for use by organizations and in accordance with their instructions and is provided to you by your employer or other organization that has authorized your access to, and use of, the Service (your “Organisation”).

The Service is separate from other Scabbr services that you may use. Those other Scabbr services are provided to you by Scabbr and are governed by their own terms. However, the Service is provided by your Organisation and is governed by this Privacy Policy and the “Organisation Acceptable Use Policy” as described in section 9 of this document.

Your Organisation is responsible for and administers your Scabbr for Organisations account ("Your Account"). Your Organisation is also responsible for the collection and use of any data that you submit or provide through the Service and such use is governed by the terms your Organisation has in place with Scabbr.

In addition to this Privacy Policy, your Organisation may have additional policies or codes of conduct that will apply in relation to your use of the Service.

If you have any questions about your use of the Service, please contact your Organisation.


1. What kinds of information is collected?

Your Organisation will collect the following kinds of information when you, your colleagues or other users access the Service:

  • your contact information, such as full name and email address;

  • your username and password;

  • your work title, department information and other information related to your work or Organisation;

  • the content, communications and other information you provide when you use the Service, including when you sign up for an account, create or share content, and message or communicate with others. This can include information in or about the content you provide (such as metadata), such as the location of a photo or the date a file was created;

  • content, communications and information that other people provide when they use the Service. This can include information about you, such as when they share or comment about your services, send a message to you, or upload, sync or import your contact information;

  • all communications with other users of the Service;

  • user communications, feedback, suggestions and ideas sent to your Organisation;

  • billing information; and

  • information that you provide when you or your Organisation contact or engage platform support regarding the Service.


2. How does your Organisation use this information?

Your Organisation will share the information that it collects with Scabbr, as a provider of the platform, in order to allow Scabbr to provide and support the Service for your Organisation and other users and in accordance with any other instructions from your Organisation. Examples of such use include:

  • communicating with users and administrators regarding their use of the Service;

  • enhancing the security and safety of the Service for your Organisation and other users, such as by investigating suspicious activity or violations of applicable terms or policies;

  • personalizing your and your Organisation's experiences as part of our provision of the Service;

  • developing new tools, products or services within the Service for your Organisation;

  • associating activity on the Service across different devices operated by the same individual to improve the overall operation of the Service;

  • to identify and fix bugs that may be present; and

  • conducting data and system analytics, including research to improve the Service.


3. Disclosure of information

Your Organisation discloses the information collected in the following ways:

  • to third-party service providers that assist in providing the Service or part of the Service;

  • to third-party apps, websites or other services that you can connect to through the Service;

  • in connection with a substantial corporate transaction, such as the transfer of the Service, a merger, consolidation, asset sale or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy or insolvency;

  • to protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security or technical issues; and

  • in connection with a subpoena, warrant, discovery order or other request or order from a law enforcement agency.


4. Accessing and modifying your information

You and your Organisation may access, correct or delete information that you have uploaded to the Service using the tools within the Service (for example, editing your profile information or via the Activity Log). If you are not able to do so using the tools provided in the Service, you should contact your Organisation directly to access or modify your information.


5. Third-party links and content

The Service may contain links to content maintained by third parties that your Organisation does not control. You should review the privacy policies of each website that you visit.


6. Account Closure

If you would like to stop using the Service, you should contact your Organisation. Similarly, if you stop working for or with the Organisation, the Organisation may suspend Your Account and/or delete any information associated with Your Account.

It typically takes about 90 days to delete an account after account closure, but some information may remain in backup copies for a reasonable period of time. Please note that the content you create and share on the Service is owned by your Organisation and may remain on the Service and be accessible even if your Organisation deactivates or terminates Your Account. In this way, the content that you provide on the Service is similar to other types of content (such as presentations or memos) that you may generate in the course of your work.


7. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. When updated the “last updated" date below will be amended and the new Privacy Policy will be posted online.


8. Contact

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or Acceptable use Policy – Scabbr for Organisations, please contact your Organisation via your Organisation's Admin.


9. Acceptable use Policy – Scabbr for Organisations

In addition to your Organisation's policies, we've also created the following rules to help ensure the responsible use of our services.

When using Scabbr for Organisations, you must not:

  • Hide your identity, impersonate anyone else or misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity.

  • Engage in any activity that exploits, harms or threatens to harm children.

  • Create or display content that is illegal, discriminatory, harmful, fraudulent, deceptive or defamatory, or that promotes or encourages violence, violation of laws, self-mutilation, eating disorders or drug abuse.

  • Violate laws or infringe the rights of Scabbr or any third party.

  • Interfere with the normal functioning of ‘Scabbr for Organisations’ or anyone else's use of ‘Scabbr for Organisations’.

  • Access ‘Scabbr for Organisations’ or related content or information through means that are not authorized by Scabbr (including through scraping or crawling); circumvent access controls; or otherwise attempt to gain unauthorized access to Scabbr for Organisations’ or related systems, passwords or accounts.

  • Share admin access tokens with or grant similar app access permissions to any third party that is not expressly approved by Scabbr. When you decide to grant such admin access, either via token or app permission, to an approved third party, you may allow third-party access to your data or content only to the extent necessary for the purpose approved by Scabbr and consistent with your instructions. We reserve the right to limit such third-party access (e.g. by resetting the access token or removing the app permission) at any time if we believe that such access has been or will be misused.

  • Upload viruses, malware or other malicious code, or do anything that could damage, disable, overburden or impair ‘Scabbr for Organisations’ or related systems (such as a denial-of-service attack or interference with page rendering or other Scabbr for Organisations functionality).

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