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There are atleast a hundreds pair of eyes prying for data about your child. Fix it now!

Parents child safety

Your child is happy

now make them feel safer



Education is not like what it used to be. Kids use a bunch of applications these days giving an opportunity to target them with the data. We help anonymize the data.

Scabbr Data Security
Scabbr Parents Socialisation


Let kids socialize with their peers in a secure and safe digital environment. While you get to socialize with their parents!

Progress Analysis

A child's report is more that just numbers. Ask your kid's school to try Scabbr to learn about your child's performance beyond just numbers to encourage and keep them motivated.

Scabbr student progess analytics
Safe Travel with Scabbr



We understand that you biggest stress is during the trip to and back from school. Scabbr helps address your concern whether you use a school bus or a private van.


Our engineering and experience teams are constantly working round the clock making Scabbr better every single day. Expect all you needs fulfilled even before you ask for it.

Scabbr adapts to improve child safety
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