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As educators, we have a reputation to build. But we believe that there is a bigger purpose...

You name it

we got you covered

Campus Management

Manage your entire campus, staff, expenses, fleet, utility bills all in one place on a secure web application.

Scabbr campus management
Scabbr communications


Unlimited SMS, Voice & Multimedia is great. Now get access to smart deliveries to keep parents informed by not disturbed. What's more, the class communication is two way!

Transport Management

Regulate, track and have a third party validated record for every child in the school regardless of them using the school bus. Now you can monitor and regulate even the student dropped by private vehicles.

Scabbr Transport Management
Scabbr Library Management

Library Management

Scabbr helps you lend, categorize,
report, track all books in the catalogue. Digital payments of fines, e-book, online catalogues? We got you covered.

Hostel & Food Management

Scabbr helps you keep parents updated of the kid's dining routine while transitioning your hostel away from paper.

Scabbr Hostel Management
Scabbr Data and ID Management

Data & ID Management

Eliminate access to student data for employees within the school. ID card photos now can be taken by anyone with Scabbr. Additionally, you can get the  IDs printed from Scabbr.

Payroll & Fee Management

Manage your staff payroll and other
compliance in one portal. Collect you school fees electronically and stay updated of the regulatory changes with minimal effort.

Scabbr Payroll Management
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