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Say Goodbye to High Commissions and Hello to More Profits.

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Look no further!


At Genie, we are revolutionizing the industry by charging only 5-8% commissions.

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Low Commissions!
All year long...

We charge only 5-8% commissions, which is significantly lower than the industry standards of 25-35%. This means more money in your pocket for every order

Affordable PoS software crafted for you!

We have built a PoS software that is priced at only Rs. 799. This software will help you manage your in-store orders, payments and inventory in one place.

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Flexible Pricing

We offer a unique pricing model where you only pay for one service - either the PoS or commissions, whichever is higher. This gives you the flexibility to choose the service that best fits your business needs.

We are coming soon into action!

Expect us before June 2023


The first 1000 merchants onboarded will avail flat 5% commission for the first 5 years.

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