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How many times have you wondered, scribbling notes at work or school, if you could make education even better?

What if we answer it with a big YES!


25 years ago, in the city of Seattle, Washington

The first set of people were recruited to make a revolution in eCommerce.

Now the next big revolution is in its making, this time centered around the very thing that dictates the future for the generations come, transportation.

We started this journey back in January this year and it has been an interesting journey so far. We are blessed to have a wonderful team working round the clock to solve the problems that plaguing society and the economy.

We invite extremely motivated and talented developers with experience in and not limited to React, Redux, React Native, CSS, Flask, Nginx/Apache, Git, Rabbitmq, Kafka, Consul, Microservices Concept, Azure and AWS.

To be a part of the change that we are trying to make, you must have experience building things out of your own interest experimenting with new technologies within and outside the college/workplace. You must be willing and have the enthusiasm for learning new technologies in a short time-span when compared to the general population.


We expect people to have good communication skills and are willing to get out of their comfort zone. Your learning and growth will be rapid as we are a company that believes in inclusive growth.


Drop your resume at​​



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